Art, the highest expression of the human spirit was chosen to embody the collective ideals of the eighteen member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The APEC Sculpture Garden commemorates the Philippine hosting of APEC 1996.
The art pieces were donated by the member economies as symbols of cooperation and partnership. The art pieces represent various aspects of the 1996 APEC theme, Building the Spirit of Community, while capturing the motion, rhyme and rhythm of APEC’s continuing endeavor for enhanced growth, friendship and unity.

The APEC Sculpture Garden is located in the right, left and front lawns of the Philippine International Convention Center. It was jointly organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the curator of the garden.
The exact location of the lay-out of each sculpture was studied individually and presented in the best space where it would harmonize or be enhanced by the surrounding landscape. The angles of each sculpture were likewise studied in relation to the PICC’s minimalist architectural design, with the objective of bringing out the most unique point of each sculpture’s design.